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The Communication Action Team focuses on developing practical recommendations to improve internal communication frameworks and processes, including increased, consistent public forums and dialogue space and communication channels to convey important campus climate information.

Recommendations include increasing transparency, especially around topics concerning diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence and taking ownership of Wake Forest’s challenges. This website is one step in the recommended direction and will provide a central source for communicating progress on commitments and actions.

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Recommendation: Survey Campus to Determine Preferred Internal Communication Methods

  • The Campus Climate Communication Team with support from The Intercultural Center and the Office of Student Engagement convened a group of students  to assess preferred internal communication processes as part of a larger communication strategy to communicate institutional policy change.

Recommendation: Creation of a Full-time Internal Communications Person in CER

  • Under the leadership of Brett Eaton, Associate Vice President for Communication and External Relations, the proposed responsibilities of this position were reallocated to existing positions. Additionally, a newly appointed Director of Communication for Diversity and Inclusion will work in partnership with Communication and External Relations. The role also assists the Chief Diversity Officer and departments under the Diversity and Inclusion umbrella with strategic communication. Among the Director’s primary responsibilities include helping to create and manage a network of faculty, staff, and students to help distribute campus information and facilitate ongoing campus climate discussions.

20130829williams4590fl-1-200x300For more information contact:

Matthew Williams

Director of Communication for Diversity and Inclusion